The Main Types Of Slot Machines In Casinos

In mmc996 online casino, there are different types of slot machines. This allows casinos to adapt to all types of players. This is also due to technological developments. Indeed, some models are newer and improved from others and work differently. We will, therefore, detail the main types of them,

The Traditional Slot Machines

This is the oldest type of slot machine. You can usually only insert one coin into it, and it only has one pay line. They usually have three mechanical rollers, although the most recent models can have five. However, these are models that we see less and less frequently. They were indeed built in the 1930s, and few examples are still in working order.

At online casinos, you will find many models inspired by these slot machines. They generally take back from them their very simple aesthetic but also their only winning line. Most of the time, they will even use the same symbols as the first slot machines, notably the fruits.

It is a type of slot machine that is perfect for beginners. However, it only has one pay line, and your winnings may be quite rare. Players, therefore, tend to quickly change to more advanced machines. It can still be noted that the fact of betting only on one line allows you to use it by betting the minimum amount.

Multi-Line Slot Machines

It is the second generation of slot machines that offer many more possibilities. Indeed, they generally all have five reels and several pay lines. These can go up to 100 lines, which ensures players very regular gains. You must select the number of lines you want to play on before starting a game.

However, the greater the number of pay lines, the larger the initial bet. It is, therefore, necessary to find the right balance between the number of lines on which you play, and therefore your chances of winning, and the initial bet. In addition, the higher frequency of winnings makes it much more attractive, and users use it much longer than a traditional slot machine.

The design of these slot machines has also been significantly improved. Even if we still find very simple models, some of them now have a specific theme. For example, it could be a film or a video game hero. It is a type of slot machine that is often found in online casinos.

Video Slots

Unlike the two previous models, video slot machines no longer work thanks to mechanical reels. The rollers indeed appear on the screen and operate electronically. It is also a machine that offers many more options and interactivities.

It is a rather addictive type of slot machine, especially thanks to its neat design, but also to its many options. It is also a model that is very popular in online casinos. Many models appear regularly and take over the most popular licenses of the moment.

Progressive Slots

It is a somewhat special type of slot machine that is characterized by a very popular option. It is indeed a video slot machine that allows you to win jackpots, which are sometimes very substantial.

Different slot machines are connected to each other, sometimes even in different casinos. Each bet made on any machine connected to this network increases the common jackpot. So when a player wins this jackpot on any of the connected machines, he wins all of the bets made on the different machines.

Once the jackpot is won, it is reset and fixed at a predefined level in advance. It is a very popular type of slot machine, in particular, because it makes it possible to win rather crazy sums, sometimes amounting to several million euros. Obviously, there are many progressive slot machines in online casinos.

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